Greenough's other Boats

This Boston Whaler conversion was known as The Coupe. George chose to use a Boston Whaler 
hull because they were designed to be unsinkable. He took a bare hull and added a custom
cabin designed to be warm and dry, and fuel efficient at speed.  This boat was designed to travel 
to the Channel Islands in relative comfort in suumer and winter months when surf was 
pumping into the island's shorelines.

This 16 foot boat was the next design that George built for accessing the Santa Barbara Channel Islands and  the stretch of coastline south of Pount Conception which had exceptional year-round surf breaks. Twin outboards were fitted for reliability, and the massive fuel tank was an integral part of the hull. Some of his offshore trips were over 80 miles long, so plenty of fuel was a must.

In the meantime, between frequent trips to the islands and up the coast to surf and shoot surf films,
George was also building an offshore yacht to eventually sail to Australia. The hull was a Schock 37, and he
design retractable keel and rudder so he could easily beach the yacht and access shallow anchorages. He completed
the build in 1972 and set sail for Australia to take up permanent residency in his country of choice.

George is anchored here in Huahine, French Polynesia with his friend's yacht Sounder rafted to him.
Wind generators supplied both of the yachts electical needs while in harbors. The surf spot was nearby, 
and the Bali Hai Resort a short paddle away for those sunset gatherings with friends.

When George was resettled in Australia he sold his yacht and started building small boats
again so he could go fishing offshore on the East Coast, near Byron Bay. He built several 
boats over a number of years, which finally led to his designing and building this grey boat, 
which he considered his ultimate, beach-launchable, offshore-capable fishing boat. He used 
this boat not only for fishing, but also for filming dolphins frolicking in the waves along the beach.
He produced and edited a film named "Dolphin Glide" with footage shot from this boat on a 
camera crane he designe, built, and mounted on the bow of his grey boat.